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Discover the scary mysteries of the first-person horror game YUME Apk. Try your survival abilities as you work your way through challenging puzzles, a creepy abandoned house, and dangerous dolls.
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15 June, 2023
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Do you want to play a horror game? Here we have YUME Apk, a mysterious horror game full of creepy characters and challenging hurdles. It offers a frightening yet exciting gaming experience by providing complex puzzles and multiple secret endings.

In this article, we’ll learn about this app’s scary plot, exciting gameplay, challenging puzzles and interesting graphical characters. Also, we’ll discuss its important features and downloading process.

About YUME Apk

YUME apk is a wonderful and exciting horror game for Android users. This game is inspired by Japanese culture and aesthetics and revolves around a mysterious house full of strange things and evil dolls. It offers a captivating and unforgettable gaming experience with its distinctive blend of horror, puzzle-solving, and multiple endings.

Additionally, By combining aspects of Asian culture, particularly Japanese influences, yume offers an immersive experience. The game’s villains take the form of symbolic characters from this rich culture, with puppets acting as the game’s main opponents. These cultural components provide players with a distinct and genuine horror experience.

The creepy plot of the game revolves around the house and dolls, and players have to deal with these mysterious creatures. You must figure out the mystery surrounding the house as you make your way through the game before the evil dolls discover you and threaten your life. You have to be very wise and courageous on this thrilling journey.

As players make their way through the abandoned house, they face challenging riddles that they must have to resolve. This puzzle will test and enhance their problem-solving skills. Players will experience tense situations and frightening scenes in the game, which will keep them engaged and make the entire situation more exciting.

However, Dolls are the game’s main characters and are essential to understand the gameplay. YUME app offers a selection of dolls, each with a unique look and creepy qualities. One doll stands as the leader, provoking fictional characters like Annabelle to threaten you. Players have to face more strange mysteries inside the house as they explore it and interact with these dolls.

Moreover, the game has three possible endings depending on your decisions and activities during playing. It offers replay value and encourages players to discover different paths to know the whole story. The ending is also a secret which gives the gameplay extra layers of mystery and curiosity.

Features of the App

YUME apk has earned popularity because of its engaging gameplay and remarkable features. Let’s get to know about the main features that add to the popularity of the app.

Engaging Horror Gameplay

YUME Apk offers players an engaging journey into the world of horror, specifically influenced by Japanese culture. The plot and the characters involved in the game create a horror environment.

Mysterious House Setting

The game’s plot starts in an abandoned house with a creepy and unpleasant atmosphere. The house looks more frightening because of the objects and creatures in it including porcelain and toy dolls.

Challenging Puzzles

Playing the game involves solving challenging puzzles and riddles about the house. Players have to use their analytical skills to work through these challenging riddles and to proceed in the game for understanding the mysteries.

Dolls as Opponents

In the game, porcelain and toy dolls act as both the main opponents and the game’s focal points. Each doll has a unique design and function within the story, which adds horror to the game and keeps the player engaged in gameplay.

Survival Challenges

The game provides you with a platform to test your ability to outsmart the dolls and survive when you try to escape. There will be stressful moments, and you’ll need to act quickly to prevent getting captured.

Multiple Endings and Secrets

You can explore different endings in the game that depends on the decisions and acts you make during the game. It also has a secret ending that only survivors will explore when they’ll solve all the mysteries.

How to Download YUME Apk Latest Version?

The official Google Play Store might not have this application so you have to download it from an authentic website. Follow these instructions to download YUME Apk.

  • Tap the download button on this page
  • Wait till the download is complete before installing the programme.
  • If the installation is facing some problems, enable the “install from unknown sources” option in settings.
  • The installation will finish quickly. To start the app, tap its icon.
  • If it opens instantly and interfaces with the attached images, you have successfully downloaded the app.


Overall, the YUME Apk stands out as a distinct horror game because of the exciting gameplay and features it provides. Players will have a thrilling and scary experience with the game due to its challenging puzzles, intense fights, and different endings. The addition of scary dolls adds to the horror of the game. Get this app now to enjoy a remarkable gaming experience.


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