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Explore the night sky by downloading Stellarium Mobile Plus Apk and enjoy a wonderful view of planets, stars, satellites and other space objects with detailed high-quality images.
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Are you curious about the stars, planets and satellites? If yes, get Stellarium Mobile Plus apk on your smartphone to observe the night sky with realistic illustrations of space objects. It helps you identify clusters of stars, planets, their satellites, and even galaxies by providing a detailed sky map.

In this article, we will discuss this app’s amazing features and advantages and how they help understand the universe. Also, you will learn the right downloading process for the installation of this app.

About Stellarium Mobile Plus Apk

Stellarium Mobile Plus app is a popular planetarium application used to explore and view the night sky on mobile screens. It shows a realistic 3D sky filled with stars, planets, satellites, and other objects. After great demand, the Android version of this app has been created for users to use on smartphone and tablet screens.

Everyone, specially kids, loves seeing and exploring the night sky. They get curious about the solar system and want to see planets from the naked eye. However, it is not possible to identify specific star clusters or solar system objects as most people don’t have this much information. Therefore, we recommend using Stellarium mobile plus apk mod which is specifically developed for this purpose.

This app works as your own customised star map and covers everything, including asteroids and stars. Simply point your phone at the night sky, and its sensor will instantly recognise small objects in the solar system, star clusters, and more. It uses the GPS and sensors of the device to correctly portray the night sky.

Moreover, users can also follow the movements of planets and their satellites. It keeps track of the planets that are closest to us and show their captivating celestial dance in night sky simulation. It is also useful for educational purposes by showing children a 3D view of the sky so they can better understand our solar system.

Features of the App

The Stellarium Mobile Plus Apk has wonderful features that excite the users to try them. They make the black sky look so graceful and detailed with planets, satellites, stars and other objects. Let’s discuss some of its main features.

Night Sky Exploration

Users of Stellarium Mobile Plus apk can go on a deep sky exploration journey with more than 2 million nebulae and galaxies included in its free version. It provides a clear and detailed representation of the night sky.

High-Definition View

Users can see the universe’s amazing beauty in high quality and multiple resolutions. It shows illustrations that offer an eye-catching and detailed display of the stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects.

Comets and Sky Cultures

Users can learn about various sky cultures and their importance in predicting cosmic events. It also shows the sky filled with comets, giving users a taste of how vibrant our universe is.

Night Mode and Artificial Earth Satellites

It enables users to turn on the night mode for a more fascinating viewing experience. The app also features observable artificial earth satellites, which gives your sky and universe observations an extra level of excitement.

Advanced Observation Tools

This application provides users with improved observation tools to help them predict the transit times of celestial objects. It helps in enhancing observations and understanding of the night sky. You can access more advanced tools in Stellarium mobile plus paid apk.

Use Offline

The app can also be used without an internet connection. However for the best experience, one must use it while connected to a fast and stable internet connection, especially when accessing premium features and data.

Educational Resource

Children or adults who are keen to learn more about the universe will find this app very useful. Users can use the app’s vast sky object catalogues to understand more about the universe and gain interesting information.

User-Friendly Interface

This app offers a simple and minimalist user interface so they can easily navigate through the app. This feature allows them to better concentrate on the wonder and beauty of the night sky.

How to Download Stellarium Mobile Plus Apk Free for Android?

There are various platforms on which this application is available. For your convenience, we’ve described how to find the authentic version and download it to an Android smartphone. To download Stellarium mobile plus apk free, follow these instructions.

  • Click the download button to get apk version of this application.
  • There will be a confirmation message pop-up. Click “OK” to begin the download.
  • Ensure that installation from unknown sources is enabled on your Android device.
  • Open the file from the downloads once the download is complete.
  • Now It will start installing on its own if you previously allowed the installation from unknown sources.
  • After installation, tap the app icon to start using it.
  • You’ve successfully finished the procedure and are now ready to explore the beautiful sky.


Overall, the Stellarium Mobile Plus apk is an essential app for astronomy and space lovers, and anybody looking to discover and enjoy the universe. It reveals the wonders of the universe and puts the entire space at your fingertips. Download it now to increase your knowledge and understanding of the night sky.


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