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Welcome back to page! Let's discuss Okuro Apk latest v2.1.3, a wonderful healthcare and educational application which offers various services to save your time make life easier.
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Are you looking for the best medical and education services app, here we have the Okuro apk that provides users with multiple healthcare and educational facilities. This lightweight and user-friendly application helps people in managing their appointments, tests, results and online payments.

In this article, we’ll review the beneficial health and educational services provided by this application. We’ll also discuss its remarkable features and how they enhance the overall user experience.

About Okuro Apk

Okuro apk is an innovative digital transformation platform that focuses on revolutionising the fields of education and healthcare. With a wide range of services and features, it aims to facilitate medical and educational processes and enhance the user experience for both children and families.

Moreover, this app has made appointment booking so quick and easy. It enables users to directly set up appointments with medical professionals or educational institutions. Finding suitable timings is made easy which limits the need for lengthy phone conversations or in-person meetings.

Further, the Okuro apk offers seamless payment integration in addition to appointment scheduling. In this way it enables safe and simple transactions for a variety of medical educational services. Users can easily pay for tuition, medical charges, and other related costs through the app.

Additionally, it offers extensive management tools for both education and health sectors. For health, it offers services to remotely register for tests, keep track of order numbers, money transfer through banks, medical exam results records and get timely information from instructors or healthcare specialists.

For education, It provides admission details, student notes for study, teachers’ lists and schedules, learning outcomes of subjects, fee payments through banks, important school messages and leaves applications. It also offers a social media feature so people can communicate with each other on this platform.

Besides, it provides a user-friendly and instinctive interface with a focus on kids and families. The app works to improve its accessibility and convenience to make it simpler for parents to oversee the medical and educational requirements of their children.

Features of the App

Okuro APK provides a wide range of features and services that further enhance this digital transformation platform for education and healthcare. Let’s discuss its important features.

Sign-Up for Educational Tests

In this app, users have the option to sign up and take online tests conveniently. This feature simplifies the process of accessing educational examinations or quizzes, offering a seamless experience for users.

Remote Tracking of Medical Orders

Okuro app allows users to schedule medical test and track their order numbers remotely. They can also check their readymade medical reports in the app. This feature saves time and effort while eliminating the need for physical follow-ups.

Interbank Payments

Users can easily make payments for medical and educational services through this interbank payment integration. This feature enables secure and convenient online transactions, making it easier for users to manage financial factors of their healthcare.

Storage of Medical Records

This app stores medical test results and records online, making them easily accessible to users. This digital record-keeping feature removes the need for paper copies and makes it cost friendly. It also allows quick recovery of documents and sharing of medical information.

Monitoring and Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Okuro apk offer features that help in monitoring and treating chronic diseases. This service supports patients dealing with ongoing health issues by providing tools and resources to manage their ailments more effectively.

Online Consultations

Moreover, the app facilitates online advice, allowing users to receive efficient guidance online. Users can seek recommendations from healthcare professionals, educators, or other relevant experts through this amazing useful platform.

Social Networking for Community

Lastly, it includes a social networking feature that enables users to connect and communicate with each other. This interactive feature fosters a sense of community among users. It provides them with a platform for sharing their relevant experiences and asking for guidance from people.

How to Download Okuro Apk for Android?

We recommend you to get this application from a trusted source. To download Okuro Apk, follow these steps

  • Click the download button on this page, which appears next to the icon for the application.
  • When the download begins, the top bar of the phone will display the progress.
  • After it gets finished, the installation process begins.
  • Considering that android only permits the installation of programmes from the Play Store. Allowing installation from sources other than the play store is necessary.
  • For this purpose, Access the phone’s security settings
  • Locate the “unknown sources” installation option.
  • Turn it blue by tapping on it.
  • Now, navigate to the location where you want to save the file.
  • Simply click it to launch the app. Wait a short while, and it will be finished soon.


Overall, Okuro apk offers users a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for various aspects of education and healthcare. It has all the services that should be available in a healthcare application. Moreover, its educational services are popular among parents and students. It’s one of the few apps that provide multiple services on one platform.


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