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With the Novelah app, explore a world of unlimited free novels from a variety of genres, including romance, fantasy, and more. Also, collect coins from reading, and exchange them for real money.
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If you enjoy reading novels then Novelah App is a must-have for you. This app is also called green app. It’s the best app for reading free novels and engaging yourself in a wonderful literary universe. Discover a variety of genres, from romance to fantasy, horror to action written by top writers.

Additionally, You can cash your novel-reading time by earning free coins and converting them into real money. In this article, you will learn about this app’s reading features and ways to get unlimited coins.

About Novelah App

Novelah App is an innovative reading application for Android that provides a huge selection of novels for readers. Everyone can find their favourite novels regardless of their preferences for romance, fantasy, horror, action, or any other genre. It also encourages local writers to put their books on the app.

Novels have the unmatched power to take readers to new worlds therefore people still prefer to read novels even in this digital world of video content. They allow readers to escape the ordinary realities of the life and engage themselves in the world of imagination. They also arouse a variety of emotions, excite the mind, and encourage creativity.

However, technology has transformed the way people read novels these days by replacing hard paper books with soft books. There is this great app for readers, especially novel lovers, that puts the magical world of stories at your fingertips. Novelah guarantees an outstanding reading experience by providing original stories from top authors.

Moreover, The app’s devotion to displaying the work of local authors is one of its most notable qualities. It promotes a sense of cultural authenticity by supporting local authors and enabling readers to relate to their stories. Readers can engage themselves in stories that reflect their cultural origin because this app has stories based on every culture.

To improve the reading experience, the app also has a novel review feature where readers can communicate their ideas and suggestions to authors directly. It gives helpful feedback and establishes a close relationship between the two. Authors, in turn, get the chance to interact with their readers and learn about their opinions for improving the experience of storytelling.

In addition, Novelah app legit provides a coins-based system to reward and encourage active readers. Users can earn points that can be redeemed for money by using the app regularly. They get coins for every new novel they read. Also, It provides a great opportunity of earning money by offering additional tasks and inviting friends.

In this way, this app encourages readers to develop a healthy habit of reading while earning money at the same time. They can cash their free time while getting knowledge on multiple cultures, values, and relations and enjoying fictional stories. Also, local writers get an amazing platform to display their work.

How to Earn Unlimited Coins in Novelah App?

The app has an innovative rewards system that enables them to earn money while reading engaging stories. The more books they read, the more coins they collect. However, if you want to earn unlimited coins, follow this novelah app hack.

  • Open the App and enter any novelah invitation code. You will receive coins by only joining the app through a referral.
  • Now tap on the “Home” tab. You will see tons of interesting novels divided into different categories.
  • Scroll down to top-ranked novels and click any of them. Tap on the “add to library” option and start reading.
  • If you are not interested in reading, just keep scrolling till the end. You will see progress in the points option.
  • Select more novels and keep scrolling through them till you reach your target limit.
  • Now access redeem points option to convert your coins into rewards.
  • To get more coins, access the Bonus Centre. There you will find multiple mini-tasks that will help you increase your coins.
  • The easiest and most profitable way to earn coins in this app is to invite other people for joining it.
  • Invite as many friends as you can and you will receive thousands of coins on every successful referral.

Features of the App

This app is more than just a novel reading application because of its distinctive features and money-making ability. Let’s discuss the features that made it a huge success on the internet.

Wide Variety of Free Novels

Novelah provides a huge selection of free local and top novels in a variety of genres, including action, fantasy, horror, and romance. Readers can quickly find the latest novels according to their preferences and interests.

Interactive Feedback

The promotes an interactive reading community where readers may interact with writers and other book lovers. Readers can communicate their ideas, critiques, and suggestions with authors through the review section of the app. Writers can also engage with readers and in this a lively literary environment.

Coins-Based Reward System

The app offers a coins-based system to encourage and reward readers for their participation and reading progress. Users can earn coins by reading novels to receive amazing rewards, and points, and redeem them for real money.

Multiple Tasks for Earning

Readers who want to earn good money while reading through this app can make use of the novelah app earn money feature. Users will find a lot of easy and quick tasks to get unlimited coins. After completion of all tasks, they can apply to redeem coins in cash.

Reading Novels Offline

Novelah also enables users to download books and read them offline, allowing them to continue reading even when there is little or no access to the internet. With the help of this feature, readers can enjoy their favourite stories whenever they want, without always needing an internet connection.

Various Reading Options

The app offers a variety of reading options to fit your preferences and make the reading experience more relaxing. It includes the ability to change the font size and enable a night mode for comfortable reading in low-light conditions.

User-Friendly Design

A user-friendly design is necessary to make it simple for readers to explore and navigate. The app doesn’t disappoint readers and provides a smooth user interface where they can easily search various genres, save favourite books, and enjoy a customised reading experience.

How to Download Novelah Apk For Android?

You can download this application from our page. Simply follow these guidelines to get Novelah app download apk.

  • Click the download button to start the process. The top bar of the phone will display the download’s progress.
  • Once the download is complete, the installation process begins automatically.
  • As Android only permits the installation of programmes from the Play Store. Hence, enabling installation from sources other than the Google Play store is important.
  • Access the phone’s security settings to do this and change the colour of the “unknown sources” installation option to blue.
  • Now find the folder where you want to save the file. To start the installation, click. It will finish in a few seconds.
  • Now tap the app icon to open it and start exploring your favourite novels.


Overall, Novelah App is a great application that gives reading an entirely new excitement. It offers a platform for local writers to display their hidden talent by providing novels in a variety of genres. It promotes an active reading community by enabling readers’ and writers’ feedback. Also, it motivates readers to earn money by just being lost in the books.


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