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Do you receive annoying calls every day from any number? Do you want to track him down with his
actual name, address, and GPS location? If yes, then you are in the right place. Person tracker is
working with Pakdata which is one of the biggest database of mobile/cellphone numbers in
Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. This data comprises of detail of owner of the sim number,
CNIC number, Address and much more you.
In this app, you can Find sim ownership details without signup and also working better from existing apps like rgm database, and sim database.
How Live Tracker Pro works?
You simply have to type the number in the Person tracker tool and wait for the system to return your
query. This tool will return you with name, address and CNIC number on which the sim card is
issued. This way you can easily knew who is the main culprit behind annoying calls.

What kind of data Live Tracker Pro tool returns for a specific number?
Here is a list of data person tracker tool can return for a specific number.
· Actual name of the owner of the sim card.
· Actual address of the owner of the number.
· CNIC number of the owner of the number with country, city, street and house number.
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And many more are coming soon.
Thank you for your visit. Keep visiting for more updated results.

Other Services Which Offered by Live Tracker Pro
Driving License
Online Fir Check
Online NTN Verification
Vehicle Registration
Electricity Bill
Currency Converter
Package Tracking
Driving License in Pakistan, the driving license is the official document which authorizes its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle on roads. By Live Tracker pro, you can check the validation of your Driving License
Online NTN Verification
We are giving you a link where you can check your NTN number by your cnic.
Vehicle Registration
In Live Tracker Pro, you can verify the vehicle Owner’s name before you by anything.
in this platform in one place, you can check any vehicle details Which Belong to Punjab Excise, Islamabad Excise, Kpk Excise, and Sindh excise.

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