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Kawaii Hime apk is a free decor and fashion game that caters to girls who want to create their perfect home. You start by picking your favorite avatar, which changes the look of the room you're working on as it's being built or decorated.
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Kawaii Hime Apk is a free decor and fashion game. It has features likes tons of cute furniture, clothing, and other accessories for your virtual home. You can design an interior or exterior for your dream home, then share it with friends on social media.

Moreover, you can choose from different patterns, furniture, and decorations to make your room unique. Also, can use tons of cute items like plushies, pillows, cushions, books, and more! There’s also a long list of clothing options for both girls and boys too.

This blog post will give you the inside scoop about this fun new game. Moreover, you can also download it from this page with a few steps. All you need to follow the article till the end.

What Is Kawaii Hime Apk?

If you’re looking for a new game to play, Kawaii Hime apk is an app that lets you design and decorates your own room. You can personalize any space in 3D by picking the furniture, wallpaper, flooring, doors, and windows of your choice.

Moreover, The variety of furniture and garden items available in it is impressive. Also, it’s easy to change the size of the rooms and there are plenty of items to choose from. If you want some inspiration before starting on your project then this blog post will show you some awesome designs. And also the method of using it on android and IOS devices.

Besides, This game falls in the girl’s gaming category. Because it is specifically developed for girls who like to design and decorate their own rooms. With this game, you can create the perfect room that you’ll never need to leave.

Furthermore, You can dress up in stylish clothes to get ready for school or go out on a date. You can also design outfits for other players’ avatars that you meet within the game. Let’s check on its main features below:

Amazing Features Of It

The main features of this app are decorating and designing the home. It comes with a lot of cute furniture, which can be combined to make your dream house. There are also other options like dressing up fashion models, creating clothes, or even baking cakes. It is a really fun way to spend time and it’s easy to learn too.

Moreover, these are some highlights features of it:


The app features a variety of rooms for you to decorate, such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Moreover, design a home, decorate and organize interiors, make it unique, show your style and be a famous Home Stylist.

★ Many Items To Choose

There are many different furniture items for you to choose from, including tables, chairs, and sofas. You can also add clothing items such as dresses or skirts with fun patterns on them.


Manufacture your most favourite furnishings. So, you can do it with your home’s furniture and doors, windows, and tables.

★ Tutorial Mode

This is where you will learn how to control the game, make friends, decorate houses, style outfits, etc. It’s one of the most important things before going into Arcade Mode

★ Different types of furniture and items In Kawaii Hime game app

There are many rooms to choose from in the game, each with a different theme


Be recognized not only as a successful Home Stylist in this decoration game but also as an awesome Fusionist with various Boutique outfits.


Your family runs a Home Decor Showroom. Unfortunately, it’s at the edge of going bankrupt. Can you help your family business raise in the house decoration market again?


You can also play this game with your friends. So, invite your Facebook friends to play and make new friends from various in-game activities. Remember this is not just girl games, you can play with your male friend, boyfriend, or husband.

Additional Features:

  1. A wide selection of furniture and items
  2. The ability to change the size and shape of your room with just a few clicks
  3. Decorate using different themes, from modern chic to the elegant fairy tale
  4. Change the color of walls or flooring with a click-and-drag motion.
  5. Give your bedroom an extreme makeover by changing its layout completely or sprucing it up with pillows, throws, lamps, and more.
  6. Build your dream room with furniture, wallpaper, plants, and more.
  7. Play dress-up games with tons of cute outfits.
  8. Decorate according to the colors of the current season.
  9. Receive daily updates from your favourite designers.

How To Download The Latest Version Of Kawaii Hime Apk For Android?

To download it all you need to follow these few steps. First search for the game on your favorite search engine. You can also find it by scrolling through the app store, Play store and looking at what is free or trending. Once you find it, look for the link to download it.

If you have an iPhone, tap “download” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and then hit “OK.” This will start downloading onto your device and should only take a few minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is. For android users, click on the green button that says “Install” which will begin installing to your phone as well.

Moreover, if you have any trouble downloading it from the above sources, just locate the “Download” button on this page. We provide it’s the latest version here in the form of an APK file. Once you tap the download will start automatically. After that follows installation method to install it.

How To Install It?

  1. Make sure you have downloaded an app called “ES File Explorer” in order to install the apk file.
  2. Once you’ve launched it, click on “more,” then “downloads.”
  3. Click on the blue button that says “install from SD card” and find where you saved the Kawaii Hime apk file (it should be in your downloads’ folder).
  4. Hit open and follow the instructions to use it.

How To Use Kawaii Hime Game App?

In this game, players can choose whether they want to play as a princess or prince! The player’s first task in the game is to design their castle. From choosing paint colors and flooring materials to deciding on what type of wall decorations will be best suited for each room.

Once inside the castle walls, players are able to create outfits of their choice by picking out fabrics such as satin or cotton velvet. They can then style these clothes with matching accessories like necklaces or shoes so that it matches the outfit’s theme.

Before using it you need to install it and open it. Then, you start off by choosing your avatar’s name then customizing her appearance. Next, you get to choose the room she lives in where she will be designing clothes and other items such as furniture, wallpapers, furnishings, etc. There are so many different choices that it is impossible not to find something perfect for you or even just cute.

What To enjoy in Kawaii Hime MOD Apk?

With this game, you can play as a princess and decorate your own room. It is an app for mobile devices that lets you enjoy the joy of making something beautiful with your fingers. You’ll find relaxing music, cute graphics, and fun animations in this game.

In addition, you can also share what you make with friends from all over the world. If you’re interested in playing this free game app now to see how it feels to have unlimited power of being a princess then try Its mod version.

Moreover, there are many items that can be found such as kitchenware, furniture, ornaments, wallpaper, etc. It’s just like playing a real-life home decoration game.


There are many different ways to decorate a home. One of the most popular is through simulators. These games give you an opportunity to create your own space and make it how you want it. Kawaii Hime apk is one of these free game apps that will let you do just that, all for free. So, download it and enjoy it.


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