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Download this task manager, booleantt apk, to schedule your daily activities and organize your tasks and events effectively.
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30 May 2022
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If you are tired of your unorganised routine, then download Booleantt apk to schedule your daily tasks and complete them on time. This app helps you in organising your life by making a work schedule, a to-do list and tagging important events.

Moreover, it’s a light weight application that you can freely download on your android smartphone. To get more information about this task manager’s features and benefits scroll down.

About Booleantt Apk

Booleantt apk is an incredible task management application that helps people and teams to plan, keep track of, and prioritise their activities and projects. The ability of this task manager to organise all of your responsibilities in a single platform is one of its major benefits.

Having a trustworthy task management tool can significantly improve your ability to remain on top of your responsibilities and complete your goals in time. It is necessary to keep a task manager in today’s fast-paced world where productivity and efficiency are important. Therefore, we are with this reliable tool to solve your daily problems.

This app contains many features to keep track of your daily dos and priorities them according to your preferences. There will be no more blown paper to-do lists, sticky notes, or forgotten due dates. You can create tasks, assign due dates, send reminders, and more using this task manager app.

In addition, a comprehensive system is provided by Booleantt apk for task and event management. To organise and keep track of their multiple duties, events, and schedules, users can build to-do lists and calendars. With the help of this technology, users can keep track of their workload and make sure to not miss important deadlines.

Moreover, it enables users to categorise their duties and events by putting tags on them. Users may quickly search, sort, and filter tasks based on particular criteria by attaching related tags, such as priority, subject, or performer. With this tagging feature task organisation becomes simpler, making it simple to find and deal with particular jobs or groups of tasks.

Though, there are many other apps on the internet for these services. But none of them provides all these features in one app. Users can save time and effort by excluding the need for various tools or paper-based systems using this application. They can just centralise all of their duties and events inside Booleantt.

Features of the App

Booleantt apk offers a range of important features that make it a versatile and creative task management application. Let’s explore some of its key features.

Make Your Work Schedule

This app allows users to create a detailed work schedule, encouraging them to plan their tasks and events in a structured manner. By setting up a schedule, users can assign specific time slots for different tasks. It makes you better at time management and also improves your productivity.

Create a List of Tasks

Users can easily add tasks to their schedules in the app. They can also add details for every task such as title, description, due date, and priority. This feature helps users stay organized and ensures that they don’t miss out on any important work.

Add or Schedule Events

In addition to tasks, Booleantt enables users to add pre-planned events to their schedules. Whether it’s a meeting, appointment, or personal event, users can simply put them in their schedule to have a clear view of their daily activities.

Use Tags

It also provides a tagging feature that allows users to tag tasks and events with relevant keywords or categories. This feature helps in organising and grouping tasks based on different criteria, such as preference, project, or team member.

Search Tasks

Users can search and filter tasks by tags, making it easy to find and manage specific tasks or events. They have to search by the relevant keyword with which they saved the tag and it will instantly appear on top.

Task Progress Tracking

Further, it allows users to track the progress of their tasks. By marking tasks as complete or tracking the percentage of completion, users can check their progress and have a clear overview of their performances.

Makes Collaboration Easy

Booleantt makes collaboration easy as it allows users to share schedules with team members or colleagues. This feature encourages seamless collaboration, confirming everyone is on the same page and aware of assigned tasks and upcoming events.

User-Friendly Interface

Lastly, this remarkable task manager has a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to navigate. Users can effortlessly create, edit, and manage their tasks and events because of its easy mechanism. The eye-soothing and relaxing design improves the user experience.

How to Download Booleantt Apk Latest For Android?

We have the latest version of this application on our page. There are many other apps with relevant name on the internet. To save your time download booleantt apk from here. Follow these steps to avoid confusion.

  • Tap the download link or button for this apk file.
  • A confirmation message may appear. Tap “OK” to start the download.
  • Ensure that your android device allows installation from unknown sources. If not, enable “Unknown Sources” from settings.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device.
  • Once installed, open it by tapping on the icon. Now you are ready to use it.


Overall, Booleantt apk contains all the efficient features that make it a valuable and user-friendly task management application. With features like creating work schedules, adding tasks, and events and putting tags, it helps users stay organized and complete their duties effectively. Get this application to make your life more organised and meaningful.


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