ActionDash : Digital Wellbeing And Screen Time Helper

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Use personal and secure digital fragrant and app on your phone.

The action dash takes digital wagging app as an initial point, it gives it to all Android users, then offers deeper insight into the insight and powerful fixtures.

The action dish receives data from Android directly, so it has no effect on your battery.

Best, because the insights of action dash come directly from Android, after installing the app you will already have to watch more than a week’s worth of experiment!

The actionDash goal is to help everyone, whether you are actively using your device or not. This beautiful animation and theories give you insight into how you are using your phone and how.

ActionDash’s powerful user fixes and some of the fixes include:

• All Android devices run on and after laptops
• Black thread
• Daily use notification notification
• Detailed device unlock and session length data
• Configure 3am (‘start of day’) (people who go to late bed)
• Options to include options like Dvd, Google Play Services, pixel launchers and digital welding app usage statistics (which hides digital welding itself)

Privacy as a feature

As we already started selling apps in 2012, our business model is easy: We sell software to happy customers, and try our best to capture your data. .

Action dish is not different. Your private usage statistics never miss your device, either by yourself or third parties, you trigger yourself with the sole exception of manual backup.

We hope that you enjoy the Action Dash (short and “Action Dash” for “Action Dashboard”), and the information that brings you access to your device.


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