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About My Website:

After A Very Hard Work, I Am Successful To Make Such A Pure Perfect Website For You People With The Name Apkbid.com.. it’s a APK (apps downloading) Site where you can download your favorite android apps, games, and tools. All APK file you can download it from here is completely free. I will write my App descriptions in simple words that everyone can understand. We Upload Orignal APK Files of Applications on our server. they are virus-free because we have to check them twice before uploading it on different engines.

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Apkbid.com is located is in KPK Peshawar Pakistan


Office No 105 Phase 6 Hayatabad Peshawar

About Admin

Hello, And AOA my name is ALI KHAN and I live in Peshawar KPK Pakistan. I love computers from childhood so that’s why I’m studying computer science in Peshawar Uni. I’m working on YouTube and Alhamdulillah I have succeeded. I have 130K Subs on my Tech channel and after that, I started blogging.