10 BEST Virtual Data Room Providers: 2020 Pricing & Reviews

View prices, reviews, and comparisons of the best virtual data room providers in 2020: Choose the best online data room software to close transactions quickly.

What is a virtual data room?

Virtual Data Room is a secure online data warehouse that is used to store and distribute data. Virtual data rooms are used when data confidentiality is highly required.

Virtual data rooms are used in many industries such as biotechnology, telecommunications technology, investment banks, accounting, government, energy and business intermediaries.

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Virtual data room is required

List of the best virtual data providers

iDeals – Editor selection

Comparison of the best data room services online

# 1) iDells Secure Data Room Provider [Overall Overall]

# 2) Mutual link

# 3) Merrill Data Site

# 4) Brain loop

# 5) Watch decks

# 6) Box

# 7) Supporter

# 8) Digitization

# 9) Vermix

# 10) Secure documents

Additional solutions for virtual data rooms

To draw conclusions

Tips for reading

Virtual data room is required

Virtual data rooms play an important role in integrating and acquiring due diligence, bidding and secure handling of contract agreements. It simplifies and secures the transaction management process.

If we compare Virtual Data Rooms with Generic File sharing apps (like Google Drive) then the VDRs are created with the purpose of using thousands of documents. It will be easier to use VDRs because of its structured folders.

The Generic File sharing app will make the process more complex when used on a large-scale for document sharing. Also, the navigation will be difficult if used on a large scale. These file-sharing services will be inefficient to use on a large-scale. With file-sharing systems there is a possibility for sensitive data to be accessed maliciously. Virtual Data Rooms are a more secure option for sensitive corporate data.

File Sharing systems are a cost-effective and intuitive solution for storing and sharing features. This solution has cross-enterprise-collaboration features. However, virtual data rooms provide more security for data.

It provides more security features for sharing files like timeouts or auto-expiration, reports on document activity, and putting restrictions on viewing, printing, and saving of documents.

Virtual data room pricing will differ as per the vendor. It is similar to the pricing plans of cell phones or the internet. You have to pay the basic fee and then the extra fee can be paid based on the extra features required. Some providers also offer unlimited plans at a predictable cost.

Pro Tip: Selection of a data room provider depends on the type of deal and business process. When selecting a service provider, you must consider the ease of use, security features offered, and collaboration features.

When choosing an online data room provider, you should also consider the presence of features like apps for iOS and Android devices, customization of design to match the corporate style, bulk upload functionality, reporting about user activity, encryption level, user permissions for projects, revoking of access rights, and price

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